Blogging: The New "Dear Diary..."

The days of the traditional diary, with the unicorn on the cover and the lock with the tiny key that was always immediately lost, are gone. These are the days... of the blog. No junky metal lock, just passwords that we are doomed to forget. No unicorns on the cover, no paper cuts, and no hiding it under our mattress.

Dear Diary, Today Was Awesome...

Let's Not Forget How to Write

If you are anything like me, nostalgic and romantic for the days or yore, I do prefer to write in an actual notebook with an actual pen or pencil. However, years of marching band and handwriting school papers and slinging pizzas have left my hands achy and prone to symptoms of carpool tunnel (carpal tunnel).

So I do buy notebooks and I do doodle and send handwritten letters, but when it comes to long winded rants or well thought out prose, I prefer my Chromebook. I am grateful for technology and the birth of the blog. It has empowered so many voices to rally and to be heard.

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